What is a Health Coach?

It’s a question that’s being increasingly asked as we invest more time and energy into looking after our bodies, minds and souls. Essentially, Health Coaching provides a holistic view of how these three major areas of our lives not only entwine but also impact and influence one and other.

Health Coaches offer education, guidance, experience and accountability, helping you to live more healthily and happily. But most importantly, Health Coaches provide tailored plans to suit your lifestyle and body’s specific requirements, with behavioural changes ensuring the positive changes have lasting impact.

When we view our health as a balance of mental and physical qualities we nourish our bodies and minds from the inside, out. Health Coaching brings perspective and appreciation for our bodies and their capabilities, while teaching us to be kind to ourselves and overcome the obstacles that hold us back from achieving our true potential. It requires dedication, action, clarity and the will to adopt lifestyle changes, but the results are literally life-changing.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of Health Coaching for achieving your goals, as well as how to go about choosing a coach.

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Why Might You Visit A Health Coach?

Health Coaches primarily support clients with their goals in fitness, nutrition, personal development and stress management, and there are two types of coach; Non-Specialist and Specialist.  

If you are at the beginning of your health journey or have multiple goals, such as to lose weight, have more energy and reduce stress, then seeing a Non-Specialist Holistic Health Coach can give a greater understanding of how many key areas of your lifestyle combine and contribute towards the overall picture of your health.

Whereas people with specific health conditions, beliefs or lifestyle situations may benefit more from seeing a Specialist Coach. These coaches usually practice in one key area, from which they have personal or professional experience. Examples could include pre and post-natal weight management plans, stress management and self-development for entrepreneurs, spiritual coaching or money-mindset coaching.  

Clients may come to health coaching with a rough idea of what they need to achieve their goals and are simply looking for someone to hold them accountable and create a realistic plan for quicker success. Whereas others may be overwhelmed with the mass of contradicting information available online, require bespoke lifestyle plans or need guidance to find their life purpose and learn how to make this their life’s work.


It is important to note that Health Coaches do not replace doctors and that the industry somehow also remains unregulated, so it’s important to do your research and feel comfortable with the Coach you choose.

Would you like to see a post about common Health Coach client requirements and how Health Coaching helps people to not only achieve their goal but maintain success once the goal is reached? Let me know in the comments below.