Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind

They saying goes, ‘tidy space, tidy mind’, and I couldn’t agree more. If you also struggle to find calm when chaos surrounds you, you’ll be pleased to know that today is National Clean Off Your Desk Day. Not only does it encourage an organised and clean working environment, but it’s also the perfect time to [...]

5 Benefits of Dry January

Whether you’re partial to a glass to unwind at the end of the day, letting loose at the weekends, or choosing a boozy accompaniment to your brunch with the girls, alcohol plays a part in many of our lives. Right now, an incredible 4.2million of us are one week into giving up the booze for [...]

Putting Pen to Paper

…or should I say fingers to keys? Whichever way you journal, getting the thoughts out of your head and onto the page before you is a powerful tool for mental clarity, perspective and calm. Having always found writing to be a positive expression of emotion, it’s something I’ve dipped in and out of throughout my [...]