5 Motivational Tips for When You Don’t Want to Workout

Lost your workout mojo? You’re not alone. Whether you’ve taken a break from exercise or have found yourself stuck in a rut, we all need some motivation to get our bodies moving from time-to-time. 

To help you get back on the fitness track, I wanted to share my top five go-to tips for when I don’t want to workout. 

1. Define Your Why 

We spoke about this in my Beginner’s Guide to Fitness blog post, but defining your reason for exercising will be your best friend for motivation, consistency and workrate. 

It’s important to be honest. It’s ok if your reason is to achieve a certain look or physique. Likewise, you might be exercising to regain self-confidence or for health reasons to make everyday activities feel less of a chore. 

Whatever your ‘why’, it’s important to be clear, so you can remind yourself of the bigger picture on days when you just don’t feel like working out. 

2. Get Organised 

Preparing for exercise ahead of time is an excellent way of making things as easy as possible. AKA: no excuses, which can be a tough pill to swallow. 

Packing your gym bag the night before or laying out workout wear will help you to roll out on the right side of the bed and attend that evening class without needing to run home first. Especially during colder months where it’s easy to stay indoors once you’re home from work. 

This is where planning is key. Just like you’d pencil in a dinner-date with a friend, your exercise should have its own place in your calendar. It’s proven that those scheduling in time to workout are much more likely to keep their commitment. 

3. Get Accountable 

When you make a plan with yourself, you can cancel and no one will know. However, if you plan to workout with a friend, you’re much more likely to keep that promise, for fear of letting them down. That’s why gym buddies and finding a class that you and your friend enjoy can be so beneficial. 

Likewise, reserving your space in a class will help to keep you accountable, especially if you’ve paid up-front for it. With online booking and repeat slots available each week, it’s a great habit to get into to avoid disappointment and ensure you’re getting a great workout each week. 

Additionally, more and more people are sharing their fitness journeys online. Whether social media, forums or blogging is your bag, putting out a public statement in relation to your fitness goals or journey will be an extra boost to keep you on track. 

4. Send a Message to the Future You 

There’s hardly ever been a time where we’ve regretted a workout. Once you’ve gotten over the hurdle of getting there, the endorphins that deliver that feel-good-factor, plus fresh oxygen and blood to your muscles are a great reminder as to why you wanted to exercise in the first place. 

When you’re in this top-of-the-world state, it’s good to save a message to the future you. Whether you write something on your notes, record a voice memo or film a quick video, there’s no better person to encourage your unmotivated future-self to get up and work out. 

Remember to be kind and think about what does and doesn’t motivate you. This will help you decide if you should be humorous or state the cold, hard facts. 

5. Get Inspired 

Whether you create a vision board, follow new positive accounts on social media or revisit happy memory photos, it’s important to surround yourself with feel-good vibes. 

Inspiration can also come from setting a goal, taking small actions and noticing their positive effects. Having an earlier bedtime, eating healthier and committing to a morning routine can help you reconnect to your body, which will hopefully help you to get back on the mat or in the gym. 

Having a larger goal will also motivate you to keep going when you hit smaller milestones. 


Remember to celebrate your achievements and positive intentions. It’s human to have highs and lows, but you’re doing great and I know you’ll come back from this down-time stronger than before. 

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