Life Redesigned

Getting intentional and designing the life I want to live is something that I’ve done for some time now. From visualisation to moodboards, meditation and honest introspection, I often look at what’s working and missing from my life before coming back to the drawing board to recalibrate my path. It helps me to stay focussed and prevents too much of my life passing me by. 

With March signalling the beginning of Spring here in the UK, and my oh-so-comfy baby also looking likely to make his later-than-planned appearance this month, I thought it the perfect time to design in more detail who I want to be, how I want to feel and what I would like to occupy my days. 

If the last year taught me anything, it’s that I get a great sense of purpose from my work, that family is the most important thing in my world and that I’m not very good at setting boundaries. Not only does this result in work and family lives colossally clashing, but it also leads me to neglect other things that are important to me, like friendships, me-time and self-development. 

Starting this brand new chapter of life with baby F, no work and no money is the perfect opportunity to merge my personal and business personas, finding harmony between all areas of my life.

To get clear on what I want and ensure I remain realistic, I consider the following five questions when mapping out my hypothetical new ‘daily and weekly routine’: 

  1. What brings me joy? 
  2. Which tasks are necessary? 
  3. How do I want to feel? 
  4. What are my main values? 
  5. How will I stay accountable? 

From here, I look at my weekly and daily calendars, blocking in time for the things that can’t move (such as the school run), the things that are more suited to specific times of the day (such as getting some me-time in first thing in the morning), and the things that are more flexible (such as seeing friends). 

I also look at the breakdown of each day, trying to balance the things that bring me joy with life’s necessities. Some days look more ‘fun’ than others, and I’m also aware that some days weeks will NOT go to plan. Nevertheless, it’s something I can always come back to when I feel off balance and it’s a non-judgemental reminder for my people-pleasing ways that I might need to ask for help to regain some control or better balance in my life. So I hit the Excel Sheets to design my ideal week, and then ensure I update it regularly with the latest activities and to-do’s. 

I’m already excited for the month to come and the person I’ll be at the end of the month. 

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