New Beginnings

1st February 2020.

February; the month of new beginnings – the month we get to meet our baby boy and start actually living in the renovated space we’re completing. Plus, I plan to begin writing my book series and reshape my business goals. 

When thinking about what I wanted this month to represent, I realised that choosing new beginnings in several areas of my life that filled me with joy would keep me busy and not idly waiting for the baby to arrive. 

I also thought that it would be good to get these things off the ground, or at least have an intention to begin them this month, so I have something productive to fill the small hours. (That is when I’m not catching up on sleep, housework or messages, which would likely be 99% of the time.) 

I also wanted to introduce the idea of a ‘golden hour’ as I begin my maternity leave from work. Rather than getting into a beautiful morning routine that will go straight out of the window once the baby arrives, I thought about honouring the idea of having one hour each day to give my body, mind and soul what it needs. 

Some days, it might be a bath with a podcast, other days it might look like uninterrupted reading time, a solo walk, quick gym visit or FaceTime with a friend. I figured that wasn’t unreasonable, and although I could already feel myself slightly resisting and feeling like I should be ‘all hands on deck, 24/7′, I also knew that would lead to burn out; a familiar friend that I, unfortunately, knew all too well. 

So, here’s to the month ahead! My baby might be early, late or even born on the leap year. Our house renovations might be complete, or there might still be finishing touches required (more likely!). I might only end up writing one chapter of my book and not get further than researching my business ideas, but at least they will have begun. 

Although February will be filled with the unknown, it’s also a very exciting time of new possibilities and opportunities that I fully intend on seizing. 

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