Introducing Healthy Habits

18th January 2020.

It’s such a strange phenomenon; knowing that your life is about to change. 

While there is a lot of work to be done, there’s also pockets of time while driving, showering or hanging out the laundry that my mind wanders into thoughts about our new way of life, ideals and practicalities. 

I’m a planner. I like to think about every scenario, imagine what it would look like and how I might feel in each circumstance. This can often lead to sleepless nights or result in me taking an age to reach a decision. However, once I’ve arrived at my conclusion, I’m usually dead-set and sure about it being the right path to take. 

With potentially less than a month of pregnancy remaining, it’s been an interesting challenge to remain mindful and balanced, while managing the final home renovations, working and preparing everything for the baby. It’s already a juggling act in which sleep is not a given. 

It’s helping me to get back on track with being intentional with my time. It’s also helping me to realise that I can’t (and don’t need to) do everything myself. I’m re-discovering parts of the old me that I want to carry forward into my new life, such as making more time for friends and family, plus meditation, yoga and having my own sacred time to both connect and dream. I’m also paying attention to areas that feel more like a drag. 

The baby might come early. He might come late. Either way, there are certain things that I want to start making a habit before he arrives, which means I need to introduce these to my routine today (announcing them via the blog helps to hold me accountable).

To keep it realistic and achievable, the three things I want as habits are: 

  1. Meal prepping & online grocery ordering 
  2. Morning & evening routines
  3. Regular yoga & exercise 

What are some new healthy habits you’re trying to incorporate into your life? 


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