Welcome, 2020

1st January 2020.

Happy New Year! Whether 2019 was your best year yet or dealt one blow after another, there are always lessons we can take with us into the next 12 months. 

For me, 2019 was a year of resilience; we had to get our heads down and just crack on in order to get everything done. It reminded us of our breaking points and pressure spots, and above all else, brought back into focus what’s important. 

I very much believe that I had to have a year like 2019 to proposer in 2020. 

With our world about to change with the arrival of a baby boy in February, I’ve made peace with my inner battle of journaling versus writing helpful article-style blogs, deciding to combine the two so I can be even more authentic and helpful in my mission. 

I plan to declare what I want from each month before it happens this year to keep time from flying; January, for me, is about celebrating my final full month of pregnancy. I will probably never have this experience again, so I want to dedicate this month to cherishing the tiny movements in my tummy, taking things a little slower and practicing self-love, making new friendships and connections with like-minded people and being more authentic. 

So, welcome 2020. I’m so pleased to see you. 


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