Surface-Level Beauty

Surface-Level Beauty | Erin Ablett Wellness

They say that it’s what’s inside that counts and beauty is only skin-deep, but what about the times when your skin doesn’t make you feel beautiful? 

When we have break-outs, we don’t just deal with the bumps, spots and redness, we can become self-conscious and ashamed, we can hide our faces with too much make-up or by not going out, and the lingering scarring reminds us at our most vulnerable moments of our skin-level ‘imperfections’. 

As I stood at the bathroom mirror, frustrated that my pregnancy hormones were introducing yet more painful spots and reddening scars to my naked skin, I was reminded that my skin is part of my body, that it is an organ that needs nurturing and that I shouldn’t be so quick to judge. 

My body; this wonderful physical structure that is home to my soul and carries me through this life, this body that is now growing my unborn child, this body that I so often take for granted.

With this thought, my negative self-talk and shame shrank. I realised that there were more things I could do to look after my body and thank it for all that it allows me to do. 

Although I had worked hard to find a balanced way of life that worked for me, I wasn’t consistent or intentional. I decided in that moment that before I passed judgement on my skin, changing body or mindset, I would first hold myself accountable for the areas I could control. 

I sat down and wrote out my weekly intentions for food, exercise, skincare, mindfulness and relaxation, and made a promise to myself that these things would no longer be my truth ‘when I had time’, rather my new self-care routine would become a non-negotiable in my life. It is my way of intentionally showing up and being grateful for this body and this life. 

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