Do You REALLY Want It?

Achieve your dreams | Erin Ablett Wellness

You have a vision for your life, yet despite your best efforts, you just can’t catch a break. Sound familiar? Yeah, me too. 

Whether it’s your passion, purpose or you’re simply striving for a better way of life, the road always seems littered with obstacles and diversions. It can feel like we’re being spun around under the weight of crashing waves; each time gasping for air and a glimpse of our dream, only to find ourselves back under the water. It makes us think ‘maybe I was never meant to start this business’ and ask ‘who do I think I am, wishing for that?’.

Stop. Keep hold of your dream. It might not be that it wasn’t meant for you, but simply that you weren’t ready before. 

I saw a timely question from Lori Harder that said something along the lines of: 

“What would you need to hear from someone whose opinion you valued to believe in yourself and take action?”

My answer was: ‘to trust that this is what I’m meant to do with my life and that it will be profitable enough to make a living’.

WOW. She’s a smart cookie; she knew that the answer was inside me all along, and the same is true for you. By thinking about it as permission from someone else, you subconsciously say exactly what you need without attaching your fears, doubts or excuses. Magic.

Pay close attention to the energy you’re putting out around what you want. Are you all-in or holding back? Do you really want it? If you do, you’ll be prepared to make sacrifices. 

How did you feel when I just asked you if you really wanted it? If it rubbed you up the wrong way a little, that’s good; it shows the fire is still very much alive within you to make it a reality. (Sorry for getting your back up though.) 

I realised that I was yet to go ‘all-in’ on my idea – I didn’t fully believe I could do it. But If I didn’t believe it, how was anyone else going to believe in me enough for it to work? I had to ask myself the question: Do I really want it? The answer is ‘yes’. So here I am, going all-in. 

.     .     .

Lori’s question is a great way to see what’s holding you back, thus giving you the answer on how to move forwards. So, what would your answer be and how can you take that next step? Can you live by these things for the next week? 

Make your answer your new non-negotiables and see what you can achieve with just seven days’ commitment. The more you can put this full-force energy out into the universe, the bigger the rewards. 

Perhaps you weren’t ready before, but your time could be now. Believe in yourself and make it count! 

In writing this, I was reminded of Tony Robbins island boats analogy and I wanted to share for those who haven’t heard it before or need a reminder. 

Tony says “you have to burn the boat to get to the island”. (The island represents your dream life or goal.) Sometimes when we remove our safety nets, it forces us to get creative in finding new ways to succeed, giving us that extra fight to make it work. 

Otherwise, we might sit in our boat all our life, looking longingly at the island but never reaching it for fear of drowning on our approach, let alone worrying about how we’d even survive once there. It’s quite a scary metaphor because it holds so much truth. 

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