A Love Letter To Myself

Dear Kind Soul,

How proud I am of your loving nature. Your ability to love others wholeheartedly and place their needs above your own is an endearing quality indeed.

The way that you can love someone for all that they are and accept their short-comings allows people to be themselves around you. Your unbiased and non-judgemental words make you a trusting soul with whom people can confide.

Your positive attitude and optimism is a beacon of hope and inspiration. You lead by example and would never ask something of someone else that you would not be prepared to do yourself. The way you care for your garments and possessions ensures they last with their brilliance for many months and years.

Brilliant being, will you please love yourself as you do others.

Will you please forgive your own shortcomings and learn to love those parts of you too? Will you please share your opinion regardless of whether it will be a hard truth to hear if you believe it could inspire someone into a different way of thinking.

Will you please not be afraid to ask for help in times of need and will you, dear soul, take even more care of your mental and physical health to the same level as you do the very things that dress your body and thoughts. 

Happy Valentine’s Day, me. We’re 27 and a half years into this relationship and while I’m still learning to love every inch of this body and mind, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I am truly thankful for my life; for my incredible partner and his son, for exceptional friends and my wonderful family. Each in their own way enhances my life and teaches me new ways of loving all that I am and have.

– x –


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